An Everlasting Smile

There’s something magical about a fresh snow. Combined with the spark of romance between Joanne and Matt, this engagement session was gorgeous!

It was so wonderful getting to spend time with Joanne and Matt. We started off in Southford Falls, a beautiful state park in Southbury, CT. The park had beautiful bridges and waterfalls that made the perfect backdrop for the photos! Everything was glistening with snow and the couple radiated joy.

I loved being able to see just how truly happy Joanne and Matt are together. The two of them couldn’t stop smiling. Their love for each other warmed the slightly chill air and made for a wonderful engagement session.

As the day carried on I got to know Joanne and Matt and very quickly learned how infectious Joanne’s laugh is! They’re such wonderful people and I can’t wait to be there for their wedding day! Joanne did her research and scouted out this wonderful place called Heritage Hotel! It’s a combination hotel and spa and was great for a few more pictures!

 As the day came to an end, we grabbed a drink at the bar and spent some time together!

Ashley Abel