The Rhythm of True Love

A romantic, rainy day set the backdrop for Katie and Roger's big day. I truly loved spending the day with them. Katie has such a beautiful and infectious personality, she glows! It's no wonder Roger fell so hard for her.

She descended the stairs searching through the crowd for her one true love. Beyoncé’s XO set the scene. Such a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful couple. Not even the sun could compete, so it hid behind the clouds.

 There’s something about live musicians…the blend, the harmony, the perfect timing—unique yet joined together as one. Katie and Roger took their cues well.

 At times the rhythms brought them to their feet at other times it brought tears to their eyes. Capturing each tender moment, each smile, was a privilege and a joy.

Katie’s radiance exposed the beauty of her soul—infectious, jubilant, contagious. Her joy could not be contained, and nothing hampered her mood.

Ashley AbelAria Banquets